You select the destination and the event you’d like to enter. There are multiple options for each destination. Some are medal-only, and some are T-shirt and medal. There are also bundles if you’d like to take on more than one.

You can use whatever app or smart watch you like to record your run. We verify every single piece of evidence that you upload. The uploading process is really easy - you can even use a treadmill if you’d like.

You can run whenever you like. Our event series allows the event to be run at any time. If you prefer you can run your event over a number of days, rather than just on one day. This multi day approach gives you total flexibility.

You’ll have access to  personalised training and fundraising support. The training articles you see will be tailored to your needs. If you need further assistance, reach out to our team of dedicated coaches who are on hand to help you with your training.

There are interactive running routes for all event distances that deliver targeted local destination content as evidence is uploaded. You’ll see videos and articles detailing specific landmarks on your chosen course.

There is a Festival section featuring bespoke, local content including videos, Spotify playlists, branded race numbers and branded shareable social media assets like digital medals and selfie frames. There is a lot of content on each destination, giving you a real feel for your chosen location.

You’ll be able to support your favourite charity by selecting to join their team or making a one-off donation.

Once you’ve finished your run and the evidence has been approved, we’ll send you your event bling. You’ll love it!


State of the art medals. There are also additional medals included in destination bundles and also for entering multiple  destinations.

Beautifully designed performance running t-shirts

Souvenir destination recipe cards

A range of digital goodie for social media sharing; race numbers, certificates, medals, selfie frames and much more.

We also have a range of additional merchandise available

And much more!